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DISCADERE is a BUREAU OF STUDIES & ADVISORS specializing in WASTE MANAGEMENT at all levels of the HIERARCHY OF MANAGEMENT MODES, from prevention to disposal.

The World of Waste is a microcosm in its own right, enjoying its own codes. This is why it is essential to bring solutions of accompaniments, expertise and technical, legal and organizational optimizations extremely precise. Also adapted to the circumstances and configurations of a territory, activity, entity, activity, private or public entity.

We created DISCADERE to meet this need for + in + accurate TECHNICITYSPECIALTY.

For this purpose, we justify a CUMULATIVE EXPERIENCE OF OVER 15 YEARS:

  • Collections of domestic waste (garbage, selective collection, green waste, glass terminals, baskets, health care waste);

  • Collections of profesional, industrial waste (waste from economic activities);

  • Non-hazardous waste sorting and transit centers;

  • Health Care Waste disposal plant (sterilization process).

However, it is impossible to conceive of this management without careful control of the following related fields: SOCIAL, ECONOMIC, ENVIRONMENTAL - SECURITY - QUALITY, TRANSPORT. We propose our COMPLEMENTARY EXPERTISE to the field of waste management:

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